Valid On Metro Time’s Top Ten of 2015

In final volume of Metro Times weekly for 2015, the publication asked who they referred to as their “favorite Hip-Hop scribe” Kahn Santori Davison for his top tracks that came out of the Detroit Hip-Hop scene this year, and were thankful at Titan Records and that Valid made the list, twice.


Among highly respected names such as Phat Kat, Guilty Simpson, Boldy James, SupaEmcee, & Nolan The Ninja to name a few who’s records made this list, Valid’s New Nasty Murder Mitten Mix (ft. Dusty McFly, Neisha Ne’shae, Pierre Anthony, and prod. by Nick Speed) made it to number 6. At the number 3 spot came djkage’s new release Song Of Victory which featured Valid, Mic Phelps, Ron. D, & Negus Arubis. Check out Kahn’s Metro Times top 10 list by clicking here and stream The Big Valbowski’s joints that made the list below!
Special thanks to Kahn & Metro Times for helping us end the year off on a strong note!