Valid, Nolan The Ninja, Semi 6, & Foul Mouth Supply The Alpha

valid alpha
Coming off individual releases, Valid, Nolan The Ninja, Semi Six, & Foul Mouth come together to drop a new surprise single for the listeners! The new free download Alpha is produced by none other than Foul Mouth who also demands much attention on the third verse, while and Valid & Semi do so as well and Nolan laces the track with one of his patented raw hooks.Make sure to download this for your Hip-Hop archives and support Valid’s new debut album Reach High from Titan Records, Semi’s mixtape The Coronation, Nolan’s Lo-fi Loops beat tape as well as Foul’s Soul Louis beat tape which are both brought to you exclusively by Producers I know. Links for all four projects below!



More Ill Shit From A-Minus & Semi Six

If you are aware of anything in the world of Detroit Hip-Hop right now, you know there is a lot of ILL SHIT being put out by Nolan The Ninja and his camp Verbal Vomit. This crew has figured out a way to make fresh music that has a nostalgic Boom Bap feel with out having to sound out dated or retro. The music is innovative, original in its own way, young, vibrant, and still captures that gritty Hip-Hop feeling we all fell in love with. On this new release A-Minus & Semi Six do their thing on a Nolan The Ninja production. If you like what you hear, download “The Field Trip” EP by A-Minus here!