Boldy James, The Cool Kids, Valid, & More Live In Concert! IMPORTANT UPDATE!

On Monday August 12th, Detroit Music Capital presents their first annual Music Festival at Club 1440!
Featuring the likes of The Coolkids, Boldy James, Valid and many more of Detroit’s finest!
(If you bought a ticket for the original date/venue, your tickets will still be accepted for the new date/venue.) 


B-Side Gives The World “A Side Called B”

Known for his witty smart-alec like flow and delivery mixed with his bar for bar craftsmanship of syllables and punchlines, B-Side has made himself a a favorite among Detroit Hip-Hop heads.After a long two years of working on the concept mixtape of remaking A Tribe Called Quest classics with some of Detroit’s best, and labeling it “A Side Called B” the project is finally out for the people to hear! B-Side realized that A Tribe Called Quest had too many incredible beats to choose just one.  His intention was to put a fresh new spin on beats that are already considered classics.  Once B discussed it with a few artists he knew, many Detroit MC’s wanted to be a part of the concept. This project is special for many reasons, but mainly for the show of unity and incredible lyricism of all artists involved.  Every artist on this project grew up as Tribe fans so the MC’s understood the high standards of what they were messing with. On this project you will hear classics you may have grown up on, as well as some of the greatest artists Detroit and the metro-Detroit area have to offer, from legends and forefathers to the up-and-coming. The mixtape helps showcase just how fantastic motor city emcees are as well as their ability to blend futuristic lyricism and styles over timeless production.  To top it off, DJ U.N.I. laced the project with dope cuts through out the whole listen. The whole mixtape is free to stream or download just a couple scrolls below, enjoy!

Featuring guest appearances from Mr. Cliffnote, members of the Almighty Dreadnaughtz (Konphlict, Slautah, Supa Emcee, O1, Alius Pnukkl), Mixo of the Stereo Boyz, Valid, Leaf Erikson, Insite the Riot, Robert Illo, Coko Buttafli, Smoke the Black Cal Ripken and many many more.

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