Valid & Slot-A Radio Now On Pandora

You can now tune in to Valid & Slot-A Radio on Pandora! Just go to the search bar and type in “Valid & Slot-A”, or simply go to

Also, don’t forget to stream or purchase The Alley-Oop EP by Valid & Slot-A here![mp_product product_id=”3582″ title=”0″ meta=”0″]
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Beyond Physics Now Available On Pandora

BP Pandora

Recently celebrating the release of their newest project The Samply Red EP, Beyond Physics once again has reason to celebrate as their music is now available on Pandora! Their first release Valid & JMAC are: Beyond Physics(2013) is now live, and their other releases will shortly be added to the Pandora library as well! Go to Pandora and simply click “create station” and search “Beyond Physics” to hear Val & J on your station, or simply go to!



Valid, Now Available on Pandora

pandora 1

We are excited  to announce that Valid’s music is now available for free streaming to Pandora listeners! Next time you tune into Pandora Radio just search “Valid” and add Valid Radio onto your playlist! The entire debut album Reach High is on the Pandora library, and more music from Valid should be added hopefully sooner than later. So add Valid Radio on your list of stations and use the thumbs up/down feature to shape the station to your liking, thank you for your support!