Valid On Metro Time’s Top Ten of 2015

In final volume of Metro Times weekly for 2015, the publication asked who they referred to as their “favorite Hip-Hop scribe” Kahn Santori Davison for his top tracks that came out of the Detroit Hip-Hop scene this year, and were thankful at Titan Records and that Valid made the list, twice.


Among highly respected names such as Phat Kat, Guilty Simpson, Boldy James, SupaEmcee, & Nolan The Ninja to name a few who’s records made this list, Valid’s New Nasty Murder Mitten Mix (ft. Dusty McFly, Neisha Ne’shae, Pierre Anthony, and prod. by Nick Speed) made it to number 6. At the number 3 spot came djkage’s new release Song Of Victory which featured Valid, Mic Phelps, Ron. D, & Negus Arubis. Check out Kahn’s Metro Times top 10 list by clicking here and stream The Big Valbowski’s joints that made the list below!
Special thanks to Kahn & Metro Times for helping us end the year off on a strong note!


Full & Uncut Version Of Valid’s Metro Times Interview

Just a few weeks ago Metro Times News Weekly released a great interview they did with Valid. The focus of the interview was The Big Valbowksi’s new debut album Reach High, breaking down the creation and importance of each song on the project. The version that hit stands was a great, yet  shorter version of the real interview that took place.

Read the full article here!

 Thanks to Kahn Davison, the representative from Metro Times who interviewed Valid, we now have the FULL UNCUT version of the interview at!  A lot of important and interesting information can be found on the full version that did not make it to the MT version, like how Talib Kweli inspired the creation of the Nick Speed produced single New Nasty, and Val’s unique relationship with the city of Detroit. Special thanks goes to Kahn, make sure to keep up with his great journalism and movement by following him @KahnSantori

And of course, check out the new album Reach High if you haven’t yet.


Metro Times Magazine Shows ‘Reach High’ Album Some Love

Well known and respected Metro Times newsweekly magazine has covered just about everything that is popping in the metro-Detroit area for over 30 years. With over 657,000 loyal readers Valid is very honored to have the trusted news source shine light on his debut album Reach high. Vol. 35/Issue 30/May 6-12, 2015 edition of the Metro Times features a interview with The Big Valbowksi where his new album ‘Reach High’ is briefly explained track for track.

Going Track by Track with Valid on his Solo Debut ‘Reach High’

Lab notes with Valid
By Kahn Santori Davison

“Metro Times first met Valid last September, when he joined local producer and DJ jMAC for their collaborative album Beyond Physics. Fast forward another eight months and Valid is super excited about his first solo release, Reach High. The Detroit-born artist sat down with MT to dig into some of the tids, tads, and tales that helped create this vital music.

Metro Times: With “Validation,” it feels like you were trying to set the tone for the album. The scratching is on point, and you’re lyrically staking your claim.

Valid: This is one of the pieces I’m most proud of. I don’t think “Validation” necessarily sets the tone of the album, but this being my official debut project, I think it does introduce, or re-introduce, me to listeners…” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE


















Beyond Physics in Metro Times Newsweekly

Well known and respected Metro Times newsweekly magazine has covered just about everything that is popping in the metro-Detroit area for over 30 years. With over 657,000 loyal readers Beyond Physics is very honored to have the trusted news source shine light on the group. Vol. 34/Issue 49/Sept. 17-23, 2014 edition of the Metro Times features an article that gives a great inside look at how Valid & JMAC came together to form Beyond Physics, as well as their own personal relationship’s with the Hip-Hop culture and whats next on the menu for the MC & producer.

Dearborn Heights’ Beyond Physics keeps raw hip-hop alive 

Return of the Boom Bap

By Kahn Santori Davison
Valid is tossing around beats, ideas, and memories in JMAC’s crib like a game of pong. The Dearborn Heights basement serves as JMAC’s beat production playground, as well as the duo’s private Cerebro, where they seek, connect, and build most of their musical concepts. After several years individually dripping their creative stains on Detroit’s hip-hop scene, a failed project brought the two together for a new partnership.

“We were supposed to be featured on this compilation album that never came to fruition,” says Valid. “But we had already worked on some beats and music and just decided to do it ourselves.”CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE