Valid & JMAC Are ‘Beyond Physics’

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One of the freshest sounding up and coming producers in the Detroit Hip-Hop Community JMAC has made a name for himself in numerous beat battles, and recently beat out 31 other producers at the historical musical landmark The Shelter in the beat battle tournament giving him instant notoriety as a go-to man for top echelon beats! JMAC has hooked up with one of Detroit’s rising young MC’s who is also making a name for himself, Titan Records recording artist, Valid.
This project holds ten tracks entirely produced by JMAC as Valid plays the voice through out the EP. It features what many believe to be Valid’s greatest effort as of yet “Lonely”, as well as the music for the powerful visual that is “75 & Clay” ft. Josef Coney Island. Other than Josef, this project host a hand full of some of  Detroit heaviest hitters as well as some of the newest names making a buzz  in the streets split up on three different tracks such as Fatt Father, Mic Phelps, Ron.D, SupaEmcee, Konphlict, Jypsy, Mr. Cliffnote, Mic Todd and even presents a party starter “Stylez pon’ Stylez” with kutz by none other than DJ Sicari.

Check out all three videos from “Valid & JMAC are Beyond Physics” Below:


A Thank You From Valid

Saturday, November 16th is a day that will always carry a warm spot in my memory bank. I have been out on these streets working hard for a few years now starting off at the bottom of the barrel. To see all the names and faces I saw last night who chose to come out and support me and my good friend JMAC was nothing less than amazing to me and was the biggest reward I could ask for.
To all the artist that performed and or are on the project, you made this product that more dope by adding your ingredients to it. Mr. Cliffnote, SupaEmcee, Fatt Father, Jypsy, Mic Phelps, Ron.D, and Konphlict, I thank you all so much for making time out of your busy schedules to help us out.
DJ ill Literate & Crate Deezy thank you for spinnin’ the hot s**t and holding the fort down.

To Josef Coney Island, thank you for truly wanting to help, making the video for 75 & Clay, putting a dope verse on it, working within the deadlines we set and even helping out with the sound and projector, your a trooper.
Pauley of Daytwa Clothing, thank you for the amazing artwork and visuals both on the album and on the apparel. You been looking out for me for almost two years now, I rock Daytwa Clothing proudly and I don’t know if I can ever repay you for all your help.
Mic Todd! You are another person that’s been holding me down for over two years now. But this time you were hands on through out the whole Beyond Physics project. you did a great job and I know this album would not be as dope as I think it is if you were not artistically involved.
I have to send a huge shout out to my home girl and good friend Ms. Ellie Sandiego. Thank you for being the life of the party. You will always be my first option and go to person for hosting any of my events! We need to get crackin’ on these interviews! Much Love!
DJ Sicari and the 5e fam! I love you so much. The fact you laced us with dope cutz, and came out to rock last night is amazing considering your situation. Much love fam, I hope you enjoy the project and thank you again for giving me a home in this city. Shout out to the Motor City Rockers as well!
Drew & Tatiana thank you for breaking bread and being so easy to work and plan with, also great job on the S.S.S. Skit! Anything you guys ever need, I got you!
Aaron Biggs, what can I say? You came out of retirement to save our asses. We owe you, don’t be a stranger!
Pig Pen, thank you for coming out to HeadNod to play those bangin’ beats you been working on since you have relocated to the forest.
To the visual eye of this whole project, Bink of Cold Capitol Fun House, your work and effort is deeply appreciated and I plan to continue working with you on a regular basis, I’m definitely a fan of your art!
Titan Records family, Chris and Heather, no one has been by side longer than you two, thank you for allowing me and JMAC to work in your house through out those late nights an trusting us and asked for noting in return. Chris my official solo debut album is next, lets hit a home run my dude.
Last but not least… JMAC! Our group is “Beyond Physics” and I feel that we crossed paths for a reason. I met you before you ever got on the Maschine and to have you as a friend before music makes it that much pure to me. It’s an honor for me to be a part of the roots and beginnings of your journey as an awesome beat smith, when you won at The Shelter I was beyond proud. You have influenced me more than you’ll ever know. People have said that I have grown up musically and came a long way from where I was two years ago or so, and I know that is due to being around you and your natural gift of music. You have an ear for how things are supposed to sound and it has made me a way better MC. It was a blast recording this project with you, I can’t wait to see what the response is going to be and I cant wait to work on the next one. You got a brother for life big homie.
Also, to all the supporters that came out last night, who paid their hard earned money on our CD’s and T-shirts,  or even just paid the admission at the door. You are my life line, and though it may not mean much to you it means the world to an underground independent artist. Thank you 100 times over!