The Samply Red EP Now Available On CD Format

BP2 CDThe latest release from Valid & JMAC, BPII: The Samply Red EP has been gaining momentum as a free digital download since its release on July 26th, and we are proud to announce that you can now order physical copies of the EP in CD format! Comes in a beautiful eco-jacket packaging designed by none other than Paul Lee, order by clicking below.



Brand New Video From Beyond Physics- Bills2Pay

Just after announcing some shows for the summertime, comes the newest music from Hip-Hop duo Beyond Physics, consisting of Valid as the MC & JMAC as the DJ/Producer…

Directed & Edited by D. Cruz

Download the new single now for free at

bills_2Pay smaller

Artwork By Paul Lee


New Beyond Physics Single “Keep Movin”

Beyond Physics hooks up with singer Ochu Sheggy, highly respected MC Witnesz both hailing from Tanzania, and Nje reppin’ Kenya on the new single “Keep Movin'”! International Hip-Hop from Detroit to Africa and across the globe.

Sponsored by Waza FC & Daytwa Clothing



Beyond Physics in Metro Times Newsweekly

Well known and respected Metro Times newsweekly magazine has covered just about everything that is popping in the metro-Detroit area for over 30 years. With over 657,000 loyal readers Beyond Physics is very honored to have the trusted news source shine light on the group. Vol. 34/Issue 49/Sept. 17-23, 2014 edition of the Metro Times features an article that gives a great inside look at how Valid & JMAC came together to form Beyond Physics, as well as their own personal relationship’s with the Hip-Hop culture and whats next on the menu for the MC & producer.

Dearborn Heights’ Beyond Physics keeps raw hip-hop alive 

Return of the Boom Bap

By Kahn Santori Davison
Valid is tossing around beats, ideas, and memories in JMAC’s crib like a game of pong. The Dearborn Heights basement serves as JMAC’s beat production playground, as well as the duo’s private Cerebro, where they seek, connect, and build most of their musical concepts. After several years individually dripping their creative stains on Detroit’s hip-hop scene, a failed project brought the two together for a new partnership.

“We were supposed to be featured on this compilation album that never came to fruition,” says Valid. “But we had already worked on some beats and music and just decided to do it ourselves.”CLICK HERE TO READ FULL ARTICLE


Brand New Beyond Physics Video “U&I”

“U&I” is the fourth video from collective “Beyond Physics” making up of producer JMAC and Valid as the MC/voice of the duo. Shot and directed by djkage, costarring Katrina Carson, sponsored by Daytwa Clothing and Cream Barber & Shop. Mix and mastered by Mic Todd Jr. and brought to by none other than Titan Records!


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