“New Nasty” Does Numbers On mixcloud.com Along Side Many Of Detroit’s Finest

Vlada Stojanovic does it again! The Serbian DJ with an international following makes his presence felt on mixcloud.com, one of the most trusted sites in the world for DJ’s and music lovers. This time he does it with his new mixtape “Thank You Detroit” which features nothing but Detroit music, and the most beautiful part of it all is that he comes from a place that is very far from Detroit, not even on the same continent. In the description of the mixtape Vlada writes..

“When “Rebirth Of Detroit” was released few years ago I got familiar with Detroit Hip Hop for the first time. This might sound crazy but I live in Valjevo, Serbia and that is other part of the planet. It was very hard to do my research. I always thought that Detroit Hip Hop has Eminem, Dilla, Proof and maybe two more names, but I was sooooooo wrong. Anyway, I started doing my research and today I can say that Detroit represent that thing (I dont know how to describe it) that made me fall in love with HIP HOP almost 25 years ago and for that all I can say is: (more…)


Mr. Cliffnote Sits Down w/ Ellie Sandiego




Ellie Sandiego Announced As New Face Of Valid313.com

Back in Jan. of 2012, Ellie Sandiego, the dope Detroit MC her self, did beyond a great job hosting Valid’s Release Party for The Maria EP! So we at Titan Records made it official to keep the trend going, by deeming her as the official hostess of Valid313.com! Ellie Sandiego is now the one in control of all the interviews and exclusive videos we will continue to bring to you! But first, she sat down with Valid to properly introduce her self to the following as they discuss Graffiti Flow, her drive and motive in the industry, artist like Eminem, Elzhi, Missy Elliot, and how she manages to keep her business separate from her Personal Life among other things!

Follow Ellie on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube @EllieSandiego Also, text ELLIEPOWER to 94932 to receive all the updates on Ellie Sandiego!


Valid & Topp Present The US-12 Experience

FREE DOWNLOAD: After dropping a debut album(View From The Top) with his production laced by names like Royce Da 5’9″, Joe Budden, Trick Trick, Tone Tone, Miz Korona, Seven The General, members of D12, & Moe Dirdee just to name a few, Topp hit up Valid (who was also on View From The Top next to SupaEmcee) to do a joint project almost immediately after Valid made his power moves by dropping “The Maria EP”! Once they noticed they have worked with many mutual people in the Detroit Hip-Hop scene and due to the fact their from some what the same Dearborn/Detroit area it was only natural to make it happen and call the project “US-12 Experience”! The differences in styles between Valid & Topp make an interesting and fresh mix of MC & producer. And to top it off the 8 track free internet download features guest appearances from Supa Emcee, Konphlict, & Slautah of the Almight Dreadnaughtz, also host “All In All” featuring Fat Ray, Stretch Money, Moe Dirdee, & Marv Won! (more…)


Valid & Topp- All In All ft. Fat Ray, Stretch Money, Moe Dirdee, & Marv Won

The second single off Valid & Topp’s free internet download “US-12 Experience”. Catch some dope bars from some of Detroit Hip-Hop’s biggest names in Fay Ray, Stretch Money, Moe Dirdee, Marv Won, & Valid on top of a Topp production!

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