Hir-O’s New Album: Emissary

One of the most  original sounding producers out of the Detroit scene continues to push boundaries in the world of Hip-Hop. Hir-O’s newest release from Mellow Orange Music is full of unique instrumental cuts along with some well placed verses from Red Pill, Doss The Artist, and Mic Write of Cold Men Young to mention a few of the dope MC’s on the project.
The title track “Emissary” is cutting edge, raw, and yet soulful work of art that is laced with mellow yet powerful vocals from Jade Lathan. The new project is available now through most digital music outlets and most importantly directly through Mellow Orange’s bandcamp page. Check the new music below and support, also keep a look out for the new Hir-O produced records on Valid’s debut album “Reach High” set to drop April 2015. Welcome back, Hir-O.



Valid’s New Brutally Honest Video “There It Is”

“There It Is” is the third visual off Valid’s upcoming debut album “Reach High” due to drop Spring of 2015 from Titan Records. This John Wize Production plays the canvas for the MC to paint an honest inside look of what an independent artist struggling to get his name out could go through. The raw emotion is captured well visually by director Diego Cruz. Check the video below and support the single on Valid’s official bandcamp, and there it is!

Prod. By John Wize
Directed/Edited By Diego Cruz
Mix & Mastered by Tony Rizzo
Titan Records 2015





Semi Six Gives You… “The Coronation”

Young, talented, skilled, and raw are just a few words that would accurately describe this 23 year old Detroit MC from the west side of the city that goes by Semi Six. Six, gathered some dope instrumentals from the likes of  Apollo Brown, 9th Wonder, Madlib and other head nod kings for his newly released collection of dope verses named “The Coronation” EP. 
With the guidance of Nolan The Ninja and Pig Pen, Semi Six demonstrates he can go bar for bar for you on a technical level, paints a dope picture with the lyrics, and also has a very unique voice that is smooth and easy to listen to. The boy is ill, need the proof? Here it goes…



“The Accidental Wrestling Fan” With Special Guest Valid

Fresh off releasing the video for “Validation” as the second single off his debut album, Valid will take a break from the mic of the Hip-Hop world, and step up to the mic in the world of one of our favorite pastime’s.. PRO-WRESTLING! Listen to episode 12 of Podbro’s.com “The Accidental Wrestling Fan” that features Valid joining Damon, John, and Lino as they  do special guest commentary on the latest WWE/NEXT special event R-Evolution, speak on the return of Sting, and how much Valid loves WWE Diva, Naomi.






“New Nasty” Crewneck Sweatshirts Now Available!

Celebrate and support the release of Valid’s new single New Nasty by purchasing the brand new limited edition New Nasty Crewneck Sweatshirt from Valid313.com!

This new Daytwa Clothing sponsored sweatshirt is branded with the official New Nasty logo that is seen in the New Nasty Music Video worn by model Xstal which was custom designed and airbrushed by Mr. Cliffnote. These sweatshirts are now available in two colors, Sport Gray or Aqua Blue.


Also, don’t forget to download New Nasty digital single!

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