Valid’s New Live Performance Compilation – Bandcamp Exclusive

On Friday, Feb. 16th of 2018 the very first ValidTine’s Day Showcase took place at the Old Miami Music Venue, a Detroit staple. The show was a success, and thanks to Mega Powers accidentally leaving the recorder on after their set, we now have the full audio files of Valid’s performance that night which has now been released as a live album dubbed Valid Live At The Old Miami. This stage set is an assortment of songs that were released on Valid’s debut album and joint EP’s from the last few years. This free download is an exclusive Bandcamp only release featuring Valid & friends.
Be sure to support Valid by checking out the description box on each track for download/purchase links to the original songs, thank you!

Special thanks to DJ JMAC on the turntables holding Valid down this whole performance, Old Miami staff & Sound team, Dee Brundidge for the graphics, Tone Rizzo for the mix, Ellie Sandiego for hosting, Emile, Blaaq Gold, Ideeyah, Mega Powers, Slot-A, Jaws That Bite, and everyone that was involved that night!


Stunning Brand New Valid 3:13 T-Shirt Now Available

It’s been a minute since there has been some new apparel from the Validator. With the success of the new Beyond Physics The Samply Red EP and other current events surrounding the group, what better time than now? The Stunning brand new Valid T-shirt reppin’ Detroit in its own cold way!
You can place your order here right now before the release date and receive a free CD copy of The Samply Red EP!



Beyond Physics Now Available On Pandora

BP Pandora

Recently celebrating the release of their newest project The Samply Red EP, Beyond Physics once again has reason to celebrate as their music is now available on Pandora! Their first release Valid & JMAC are: Beyond Physics(2013) is now live, and their other releases will shortly be added to the Pandora library as well! Go to Pandora and simply click “create station” and search “Beyond Physics” to hear Val & J on your station, or simply go to!



The Samply Red EP Now Available On CD Format

BP2 CDThe latest release from Valid & JMAC, BPII: The Samply Red EP has been gaining momentum as a free digital download since its release on July 26th, and we are proud to announce that you can now order physical copies of the EP in CD format! Comes in a beautiful eco-jacket packaging designed by none other than Paul Lee, order by clicking below.



The Dope Show Presents: BPII -The Samply Red EP


Earlier this morning, respected Hip-Hop blog released and exclusive project from Valid and producer DJ JMAC, better known as the collective Beyond Physics(view Dope Show posting here). The new project entitled The Samply Red EP consist of 5 tracks, including the new BP single Bills2Pay (WATCH VIDEO HERE) which has been gaining much momentum in just less than two weeks. Check out The Samply Red EP below from the official Beyond Physics Bandcamp link, at download at your own price!


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