Reach High: The Retrospective (Mini-Documentary)

Ellie Sandiego spends time with Valid and briefly breaks down his roots as a Hip-Hop artist, and what lead to his debut album “Reach High” in this new retrospective documentary. “Reach High” drops Tue. April, 28th. here on WWW.VALID313.COM as well as iTunes, Google, Amazon, and other digital music outlets.
Also, don’t forget that Sat. April 25th is the official release party for the album, DETAILS HERE!



“New Nasty” Does Numbers On Along Side Many Of Detroit’s Finest

Vlada Stojanovic does it again! The Serbian DJ with an international following makes his presence felt on, one of the most trusted sites in the world for DJ’s and music lovers. This time he does it with his new mixtape “Thank You Detroit” which features nothing but Detroit music, and the most beautiful part of it all is that he comes from a place that is very far from Detroit, not even on the same continent. In the description of the mixtape Vlada writes..

“When “Rebirth Of Detroit” was released few years ago I got familiar with Detroit Hip Hop for the first time. This might sound crazy but I live in Valjevo, Serbia and that is other part of the planet. It was very hard to do my research. I always thought that Detroit Hip Hop has Eminem, Dilla, Proof and maybe two more names, but I was sooooooo wrong. Anyway, I started doing my research and today I can say that Detroit represent that thing (I dont know how to describe it) that made me fall in love with HIP HOP almost 25 years ago and for that all I can say is: (more…)


New Beyond Physics Single “Keep Movin”

Beyond Physics hooks up with singer Ochu Sheggy, highly respected MC Witnesz both hailing from Tanzania, and Nje reppin’ Kenya on the new single “Keep Movin'”! International Hip-Hop from Detroit to Africa and across the globe.

Sponsored by Waza FC & Daytwa Clothing



Brand New Beyond Physics Video “U&I”

“U&I” is the fourth video from collective “Beyond Physics” making up of producer JMAC and Valid as the MC/voice of the duo. Shot and directed by djkage, costarring Katrina Carson, sponsored by Daytwa Clothing and Cream Barber & Shop. Mix and mastered by Mic Todd Jr. and brought to by none other than Titan Records!



Beyond Physics T-Shirt Now Available!

Presented by Daytwa Clothing is the new official Beyond Physics Blueprint design T-Shit! The image on the front of the shirt pays homage to historic inventor Nikola Tesla who definitely tested the boundaries of physics and has been an inspiration for Valid & JMAC during the creation of “Valid & JMAC Are Beyond Physics”. For $20.00 you can Support independent Hip-Hop and order the new Beyond Physics T-shirt instantly. In just a couple clicks you can receive your brand new shirt and a hard copy of Valid & JMACS’s 10-track debut project as Beyond Physics!



You can stream/buy the digital version of “Valid & JMAC Are Beyond Physics” for a name your own price at 

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