Mic Phelps Releases ba-Du-izm

After just recently dropping “Mic Phelps In The House Of Wax” Battle scene staple, One Fourth of Detroit Hip-Hop Unit Cold Men Young, and Mr. #DU himself Microphone Phelps has uploaded a small treat for listeners. The new free digital project entitled ‘ba-DU-izm’ is a small collection of Phelps’s quick-switch flows and always clever written lines on top of Erykah Badu instrumentals mostly from her R&B/Neo-Soul classic “Baduizm”. Definitely on the chill tip, so sit back and roll one up and let your mind unwind yet let it wrap around to the dope lyrical creativity. And also make sure to look out for Phelps’s cameo on the upcoming Beyond Physics project brought to you by Valid and JMac.

Also if your not up to date, check out the recently released grunge/punk/hiphop/call it what you call it, its a dope project “Mic Phelps In The House Of Wax”