Metro Times Magazine Shows ‘Reach High’ Album Some Love

Well known and respected Metro Times newsweekly magazine has covered just about everything that is popping in the metro-Detroit area for over 30 years. With over 657,000 loyal readers Valid is very honored to have the trusted news source shine light on his debut album Reach high. Vol. 35/Issue 30/May 6-12, 2015 edition of the Metro Times features a interview with The Big Valbowksi where his new album ‘Reach High’ is briefly explained track for track.

Going Track by Track with Valid on his Solo Debut ‘Reach High’

Lab notes with Valid
By Kahn Santori Davison

“Metro Times first met Valid last September, when he joined local producer and DJ jMAC for their collaborative album Beyond Physics. Fast forward another eight months and Valid is super excited about his first solo release, Reach High. The Detroit-born artist sat down with MT to dig into some of the tids, tads, and tales that helped create this vital music.

Metro Times: With “Validation,” it feels like you were trying to set the tone for the album. The scratching is on point, and you’re lyrically staking your claim.

Valid: This is one of the pieces I’m most proud of. I don’t think “Validation” necessarily sets the tone of the album, but this being my official debut project, I think it does introduce, or re-introduce, me to listeners…” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE