Full & Uncut Version Of Valid’s Metro Times Interview

Just a few weeks ago Metro Times News Weekly released a great interview they did with Valid. The focus of the interview was The Big Valbowksi’s new debut album Reach High, breaking down the creation and importance of each song on the project. The version that hit stands was a great, yet  shorter version of the real interview that took place.

Read the full article here!

 Thanks to Kahn Davison, the representative from Metro Times who interviewed Valid, we now have the FULL UNCUT version of the interview at primalimmortality.com!  A lot of important and interesting information can be found on the full version that did not make it to the MT version, like how Talib Kweli inspired the creation of the Nick Speed produced single New Nasty, and Val’s unique relationship with the city of Detroit. Special thanks goes to Kahn, make sure to keep up with his great journalism and movement by following him @KahnSantori

And of course, check out the new album Reach High if you haven’t yet.