Valid On Metro Time’s Top Ten of 2015

In final volume of Metro Times weekly for 2015, the publication asked who they referred to as their “favorite Hip-Hop scribe” Kahn Santori Davison for his top tracks that came out of the Detroit Hip-Hop scene this year, and were thankful at Titan Records and that Valid made the list, twice.


Among highly respected names such as Phat Kat, Guilty Simpson, Boldy James, SupaEmcee, & Nolan The Ninja to name a few who’s records made this list, Valid’s New Nasty Murder Mitten Mix (ft. Dusty McFly, Neisha Ne’shae, Pierre Anthony, and prod. by Nick Speed) made it to number 6. At the number 3 spot came djkage’s new release Song Of Victory which featured Valid, Mic Phelps, Ron. D, & Negus Arubis. Check out Kahn’s Metro Times top 10 list by clicking here and stream The Big Valbowski’s joints that made the list below!
Special thanks to Kahn & Metro Times for helping us end the year off on a strong note!


New Official Valid Apparel For The Ladies

Just for the ladies, and just in time for spring is the brand new light-weight sweater stamped with the official logo! With a well drawn cartoon of the man himself done by Aired Out Customs, leaning on the original logo created by Daytwa Clothing, this image is sure to put a stamp on Hip-Hop, and the ladies that support it. With just a few clicks and for $25.50 (Plus S&H) you can instantly order your new light-weight sweater and Support ya’ mans’ Valid as he gets set to drop his debut album in April 2015.




“New Nasty” Does Numbers On Along Side Many Of Detroit’s Finest

Vlada Stojanovic does it again! The Serbian DJ with an international following makes his presence felt on, one of the most trusted sites in the world for DJ’s and music lovers. This time he does it with his new mixtape “Thank You Detroit” which features nothing but Detroit music, and the most beautiful part of it all is that he comes from a place that is very far from Detroit, not even on the same continent. In the description of the mixtape Vlada writes..

“When “Rebirth Of Detroit” was released few years ago I got familiar with Detroit Hip Hop for the first time. This might sound crazy but I live in Valjevo, Serbia and that is other part of the planet. It was very hard to do my research. I always thought that Detroit Hip Hop has Eminem, Dilla, Proof and maybe two more names, but I was sooooooo wrong. Anyway, I started doing my research and today I can say that Detroit represent that thing (I dont know how to describe it) that made me fall in love with HIP HOP almost 25 years ago and for that all I can say is: (more…)


Hir-O’s New Album: Emissary

One of the most  original sounding producers out of the Detroit scene continues to push boundaries in the world of Hip-Hop. Hir-O’s newest release from Mellow Orange Music is full of unique instrumental cuts along with some well placed verses from Red Pill, Doss The Artist, and Mic Write of Cold Men Young to mention a few of the dope MC’s on the project.
The title track “Emissary” is cutting edge, raw, and yet soulful work of art that is laced with mellow yet powerful vocals from Jade Lathan. The new project is available now through most digital music outlets and most importantly directly through Mellow Orange’s bandcamp page. Check the new music below and support, also keep a look out for the new Hir-O produced records on Valid’s debut album “Reach High” set to drop April 2015. Welcome back, Hir-O.



Valid’s New Brutally Honest Video “There It Is”

“There It Is” is the third visual off Valid’s upcoming debut album “Reach High” due to drop Spring of 2015 from Titan Records. This John Wize Production plays the canvas for the MC to paint an honest inside look of what an independent artist struggling to get his name out could go through. The raw emotion is captured well visually by director Diego Cruz. Check the video below and support the single on Valid’s official bandcamp, and there it is!

Prod. By John Wize
Directed/Edited By Diego Cruz
Mix & Mastered by Tony Rizzo
Titan Records 2015



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