Fatt Father’s Brand New Album FATHERHOOD

No stranger to the underground Hip-Hop community, and to call him a staple of Detroit would be an understatement due to the fact his music and resume reach beyond local. Fatt Father has earned his legitimacy in the game by carving a niche as a solo artist by dropping classic project after classic project with no fillers, and toured across the nation side by side with Marv Won, Shim E. Bango, and King Gordy as the well known crew not to be messed with from the murder mitten, The Fat Killahz! But this past July 24th, Fatt took his legacy even further…

Fatt Father has put out yet again, another classic! FATHERHOOD entirely produced by one of the hottest producers coming out of the Midwest right now Chanes and with a little help from his Fat army, world wide acclaimed artist like Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, and Sean Price just to name a few, Fatt proves on every track why he is in the upper echelon of MC’s, and more importantly why he is the Father! But don’t just take my word for it, go purchase your hard copy or digital download at the link/image below, and remember VOTE YES FOR FATHERHOOD!