Doc Waffles Presents “Ambulance Chasers”

Mr. Waffles has definitely made himself a name, with an aristocratic flow, vocabulary, persona, and yet still tends to “keep it hood”, a weird mixture that we have yet to figure out how it works, but it does. From his battle raps on Grind Time, to the brand new release “Ambulance Chasers” produced entirely by Eddie Logix, Doc continues to give us a different shade of Hip-Hop that has not really been done before him, and come to think about it, not after him either.

Fresh off his Feb. 2012 release “How To Shoot Quail” (which is also awesome and you should check out by clicking here) Doc hits the blogs and the city of Detroit with Ambulance Chasers. As stated earlier Eddie Logix is behind the boards on this one and as always Eddie does his thing, and Doc complements the instrumentals perfectly. With guest appearances by Self Says buzzing off  the DJ House Shoes single “Roller Coaster”, J Walker of MidCoast Most, and the Joumana Kayrouz front man Josef Coney, the vibe of this album stays through out. Many projects debut labeled “albums/LP/EP” but they sound more like mixtapes, with no flow or overall feeling from beginning to end, but more so just loaded with miscellaneous tracks. In order to try describe a Doc Waffles album, you would need a thesaurus, and a long time to research history in order to catch his metaphor’s. So instead, here is the link to listen to the project for free, and digitally download it at Name Your Own Price! And under that is a music video for “Hey Selby” off the album!